Six Must Sees in Clarksburg

Indian Mounds
Found on Oak Mounds Road next to Oak Mounds Church, go South on U.S. 19 from the V.A. Hospital and the junction of Route 98. These mounds are reputed to have been built by the Hopewellian native culture between A.D. 1 and A.D. 500. Some archaeologists feel they are burial mounds while other theories suggest they are for astrological purposes because of positioning to astrological alignments. Excavation was begun in 1968.

Oak Mound

Thomas “Stonewall” Jackson Statue
Located in the Courthouse Plaza this impressive representation of “Stonewall” Jackson, Clarksburg’s most famous native son, is the focal point of the City’s downtown area.

Jackson Family Cemetery
Although Stonewall is buried in Lexington, Virginia, the family plot does hold family members plus other notable remains

Jackson Family Cemetery

Civil War Trail Sites
West Virginia is the only state born out of the Civil War and Clarksburg has a rich history from that conflict. See our section on Civil War Trail Markers for more details.

Historic Architecture
Clarksburg is steeped in beautiful residential and commercial architecture dating back into the early 1800’s. Be sure to see all of these outstanding buildings.

Historic Waldomore
For genealogy enthusiasts, a visit to the historic Waldomore, adjacent to the Clarksburg library, is a must. Housed here are many genealogy records, local and state history, West Virginia authors, and the famous Gray Barker UFO Collection.

Historic Waldomore

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